Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Webpage: Florida State Park

General Description: Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park is a 4,290 acre preserve that is the states largest preserve for pitcher plants.  This longleaf pine/pitcher plant bog is home to 4 endangered species of pitcher plants.  There are two established trails in the preserve that take visitors through the wetlands to the bayou and bay, respectively.



1) The half-mile long Tarkiln Bayou boardwalk is ADA approved and consists of a concrete sidewalk in the drier areas and raised wooden boardwalk over the wetter areas to an overlook of the Bayou.  We had an enjoyable time watching a flock of pelicans diving for fish in the Bayou.

2) The Perdido Bay Trail is a 6.5 mile long trail to the beaches on the bay that can be very muddy as it crosses over seepage streams and other wet areas.  It is accessible to bikes as well as hikers, be sure to wear your boots especially if it has rained recently.