Wilderness State Park

Location: Carp Lake, Michigan

Webpage: Michigan State Park

General Description: Wilderness State Park is a 10,512 acre park along Lake Michigan in northern Michigan.  While the main attractions of the park are the campgrounds, Wilderness State Park also offers 22 miles of marked hiking trails, mountain biking, fishing, and boating opportunities.  Beyond the tip of Waugoshance Point lie Temperance and Waugoshance Islands which contain approximately a third of the remaining habitat for the endangered piping plover since it requires undisturbed beaches for nesting.



1) Wilderness State Park lies just a few miles from Mackinac City, however, the seclusion of the northern Michigan forests is a world away from the urban environment of the town.  In contrast to other state parks along Lake Michigan, the beaches of Wilderness are relatively empty of swimmers except for the people staying in the campgrounds.


2) Although it was a bit difficult to find the trailhead from their trial map, the numerous trails through the forests are well maintained with trail maps on numbered sign posts at each intersection of the trails made it easy to create a loop trail of just about any length desired.