Leviathan Disc Golf Course

Location: Ludington, Michigan

Webpage: Disc Golf Course

General Description: Located in the school forest on the edge of Ludington, Michigan, the Leviathan Disc Golf Course is situated in the forests of northwest Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan.  The course winds it way through the forests with very few open fairways.  Most of the fairways have numerous tree obstacles to deal with.  Each hole has 3 starting tees of varying distances and all pins are hanging baskets that are clearly marked.  The course is very easy to follow with signs to the next tees and well traveled paths.  Most of the tee boxes at each distance are concrete pads.



1) While I prefer wooded courses to wide open courses, having trees lining every fairway and often within the fairway itself is a challenge.  Getting off the fairway on either side could also be a disaster as the heavy wooded condition makes it very difficult to not loose a shot by hitting a tree.  Most of the course is fairly flat and sandy.  The only negative I have about the course was the distance between holes, often times approaching 0.25 mile walk through the woods.


2) I played the middle distance tee boxes as some of the farthest tee boxes made the holes over 800 feet long, which is much to far for a narrow fairway.

3) There is a fee of $1 per player to cover maintenance costs of the course.  It was obvious that this fee is being well spent as the fairways were well maintained and repairs were underway on some of the tee boxes.