Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Location: Corbin, Kentucky

Webpage: Kentucky State Park

General Description: The Cumberland Falls are called the “Niagara of the South” as the Cumberland River falls 65 feet over the 125 foot wide horseshoe shaped falls, which can grow to 300 feet wide during flood stage.  The mist of the Cumberland Falls forms the renown “moonbow” which is only visible during a full moon on a clear night.  The best viewings are during the fall and spring when the air is crisp.  This beauty, along with the hardwood forests of the Boone National Forest, draws visitors from around the world.



1) The main attraction of the park is of course the falls, which are spectacular although they are a far cry from Niagara Falls.  The Cumberland Falls are still impressive and well worth the drive and time to visit.  As this is all above Lake Cumberland, it can all but dry up during the summer, so it is best to visit in the fall or spring.  Of course, the fall has the added advantage of the fall colors in mid to late October.

2) For those interested, there is a very nice lodge at the top of the Cumberland Plateau.  Unfortunately, it does not come with a view of the river or the falls, however, it is still a very nice lodge with multiple cabins that can be rented as well.  Dropping off the lodge is a 1 mile loop developed by the CCC in the 1930.  Consequently it has nice stone stairs, especially for the climb back up to the lodge.  At this point you can also choose to descend the stairs all the way down to the falls.  Along the path you see many sandstone ledges and overhangs that are common in the area.