Propst Park

Location: Columbus, Mississippi

Webpage: City Park

General Description:  Propst Park is primarily a baseball parks with numerous hard and soft ball fields.  Also included is an 18-pin disc golf course.  The front 9 pins wander through the trees and open ground to the east of the ball fields, while the back 9 circle around one of the collection of ball fields.  Each hole has two starting locations and are well marked.  At the beginning of the course is a map giving the layout of the entire course.  In addition, the pin number is set into each basket.


1) The course is very well laid out and easy to navigate.  There are numerous trees scattered throughout the first 10 pins and the concrete tees make it easy to navigate the course.  The entire course is very level and open, except for the large trees to work around.  The only hazard is along #7 which is a long hole (par 4) along the bank of the river, so you have to careful not to hook the disc to the right.


2) I only played the front 9 pins due to the number of cars with occupants sitting in them near my truck.  I did not see any indication of drugs, but I suspect this was going on.  I did not feel comfortable not having my truck in sight, so I did not play the back 9 which went around one of the baseball field complexes.  This was unfortunate as the day in early March was warm and sunny.