Ber-Wa-Ga-Na Family Campground

Location: Caro, Michigan

Webpage: RV Park

General Description: Nestled on 67 acres of woods, Ber-Wa-Ga-Na Family Campground is located just a few miles off I-75 in the “thumb” of Michigan.  The emphasis of Ber-Wa-Ga-Na is the family experience with many activities for all ages.  From a swimming pond with boats and “bouncing” island to miniature golf, bikes for rent, multiple playgrounds, soccer/baseball field, and basketball courts.  Camping sites range from tent only sites to full hookup sites for RVs (30 amp).  Other amenities include bathroom/shower facilities, laundry facility, propane, and a small country store.



1) This campground is certainly focused on attracting families and there were plenty of children around, especially over the weekend.  About half of the campground was for seasonal campers, however, the transient locations were centrally located in the park.  All of the RV sites were back-in sites, however, most of them were back to back so getting there early enough in the week you can pull through from the site behind.


2) Bathrooms are dated and could use some work, but they were kept reasonably clean based on the number of kids using them.  They had the most interesting basketball court I have ever seen for kids.  There were 16 goals spread around the small court and all of the baskets were lower than normal.  However, it was the backboards that were so unique.  Some were very small, others at angles, and those in the corner were bent with a couple bent inwards.  It was also the only RV park I have seen that had a small soccer field set up with small goals at both ends.  Still, most of the kids were more interested in swimming in their pond that had a bouncing island and two floating piers to jump from.