February 2016 – Monroeville, Alabama

After spending 3 months in one location, it felt strange to once again hook up the RV to the truck and get ready to move again.  We had to carefully think about all the things that needed to be done that were simply routine a few months ago.  Once we got the RV ready to roll, I went to raise the rear landing pads, only to have the switch go out again.  This is the third switch to go bad, leaving only one original!!  They are obviously not made to last very long.  Thankfully we had ordered two replacements previously, so it was only a matter of about 10 minutes to change out the switch.  When Kal got on the web to reorder some more switches to be delivered to Birmingham, where we will be in a couple of weeks, she was unable to order them from the manufacturer’s webpage and had to call them to order it over the phone.  I hope this does not mean they have quit making them as I would not know how to install different switches!!  In any case, we were able to order two more switches that should be in Birmingham when we get there.  The drive to our new location, which was 2.5 hours away, was along familiar roads as it was the same trip we had made once a week to the casino in Atmore.  In fact, we left the interstate at the same exit to drive further north along the Alabama River.  Our new location was Isaac Creek Campground, which is a COE campground and with Kal’s Senior Pass, we were able to stay for only $12 a night!!  We had a small shower on the way into the campground which is 14 miles off of any county highway and over 30 minutes from Monroeville, the closest town.  It is located at a lock and dam on the Alabama River.  We had a very nice pull-through site along what I assume was Isaac Creek instead of one of the sites along the banks of the Alabama River.  Later in the evening we did get some heavy rain with more promised for Tuesday.


Since severe weather was predicted for Tuesday, we decided to visit the casino at Atmore one final time.  We knew the way since we had just come that direction the day before.  Whereas, we were just over an hour south of the casino for the past three months, we were now just over an hour to the north.  We had a fairly good day at the casino, losing a total of just over $20 with both of us winning a little from time to time.  It was certainly a lot better then the previous visit where we both lost our $40 in just over an hour.  As predicted the weather did turn nasty around sunset, instead of in the afternoon as we had hoped, so we could ride out the weather at the casino.  In fact, the county went under a tornado warning around 6:00 in the evening, even though the radar was indicating the tornado was going to pass to our north.  We went quickly to the restrooms anyway and to our surprise so did everyone else in the campground.  We eventually had over a dozen people at the restroom along with three dogs.  We had our weather radio and along with the weather apps on their smart phones, we were able to track the threat surprisingly well.  It did pass to our north and in fact, we got only a slight rain and a little wind that night.  However, locations to the north must have received heavy rain since we found out on Wednesday that the Alabama River was under a flood warning with projections to raise to 48 feet, which was significantly above flood stage.  Although we lost power in the campground from about 8 until noon on Wednesday for some reason (it certainly was not due to the weather), we were told by the volunteers at the campground that we would be above the flood on our site.  Some of the other campers were moved to other sites, but we should be fine.

However, the first thing Thursday morning the campground volunteers came around again and told us we would need to move to another site that was along the river.  Not because of the flood per se, but because they were cutting the power where it was expected to flood and we were the last campsite on that circuit.  So, while we should not be getting wet we would have to live without power if we stayed.  Therefore, we hooked up the RV and moved it around to the front of the campgrounds along the river.  This site was a back-in site which I had not done for 3 months, so it took me a couple of tries, but we were able to get it into the site.  I was a little concerned as the site was lower then any of the other sites along the river, so if the river rose more than expected, then we could be getting wet.


Fortunately, the river did not rise over the next two days to the predicted level of 48 feet (it only rose to just over 46 feet), we were high and dry with feet to spare.  It was nice being able to watch the river race by carrying all the debris from the flood, although watching its slow rise until Sunday evening was a little like watching paint dry.  After all this “excitement” and since we were so far from anything else worth doing, we just stayed in the campground for the next few days and enjoyed the sunny weather.  By the weekend the temperatures had risen back into the 70s, so it wasn’t too bad, although I am ready to start getting out and doing some hiking at least.

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