Tioga-Hammond Lakes

Location: Tioga, Pennsylvania

Webpage: COE Lake

General Description: Tioga and Hammond Lakes are twin lakes created and maintained by the Corps of Engineers along the Tioga River. Hammond Lake is a 640 acre lake and Tioga a 498 acre lake that are joined by a constructed weir where together they form the Tioga River.  There are camping facilities on Hammond Lake at Ives Run Campground and both lakes provided excellent boating, fishing, and hiking opportunities.



1) While physically separate lakes they are joined together at their mouth where they join to create the Tioga River.  Originally constructed by the COE for flood control, a weir was cut between them to allow water from Hammond Lake to flow into and mix with Tioga lake.  This was to improve the water quality of Tioga Lake which was acidic due to runoff from abandoned coal mines upstream from the lake.  This weir is an interesting feature that you don’t see very often.

2) There are multiple hiking trails along the banks of the Hammond Lake and up into the surrounding hills.  Difficulty range from very easy level hikes near the river to moderate hikes up into the hills.  Our destination was a couple of short nature loops near the COE offices, however, the map we had was not very clear and we missed the trailheads thinking they branched off a trail that went up into the hills.  We ended up with a more difficult hike then we had intended, but it was still a nice hike through the lush spring forests.