Colton Point State Park

Location: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Webpage: Pennsylvania State Park

General Description: Colton Point State Park is a 368 acre park on the west rim of Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  The park resonates with rustic charm of the CCC era in the 1930s with its stone pavilions and overlooks.  There are two main hiking trails in the park, the Rim trail that traverses the rim of the Grand Canyon and a side canyon before returning to the parking lot and the Turkey Path that descends into the gorge.  There are also numerous picnic pavilions and a primitive campground.



1) While not as spectacular as the real Grand Canyon, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (or Pine Creek Gorge) is well worth seeing.  From the western rim you get numerous overlooks of the gorge along the Rim Trail where you get multiple views of Pine Creek over 800 feet below you down the steep sided valley walls.


2) The Rim Trail is about 1.5 mile loop along the rim of the canyon and a side canyon before it cuts back through the forest to the parking lot.  It is an easy and well marked trail with few uphill grades.  Just the walk through the forests is worth the trip, but the views of the canyon is a big advantage.