Lakeside Beach State Park

Location: Waterport, New York

Webpage: New York State Park

General Description: Offering an outstanding panoramic view of Lake Ontario, Lakeside Beach State Park features over 274 campsites, hiking and biking trails, fishing along the lake front, picnic grounds, two 18-hole disc golf course and playing fields.


1) We visited Lakeside Beach State Park primarily for the disc golf courses which are situated along Lake Ontario.  There are two full courses in the park, each with some of the fairways right alongside the lake.  We played the more difficult of the two courses, named The Beast, which had a couple of interesting holes along Lake Ontario.  Hole 13 takes off from a short bluff with the fairway heading into a small inlet of the Lake, so you can easily lose your disc if you fade to the left or overshoot the pin.  Even with trying to cheat towards the inland side, we still managed to through a disc into the Lake.  The next two fairways are again alongside the lake, but not as dangerous as 13.  We found the course to be beautifully maintained with nice mix of wooded and open fairways.  The terrain is fairly flat, although they managed to take advantage of the topography they had to create some interesting up and down fairways.

2) We would certainly play this course again, in fact my son, his wife, and my son-in-law did return to the state park while the visited us to play the other course.  Once again it was beautifully maintained, but was about half as long and laid out strangely with some long walks between some of the fairways.