Montezuma Heritage Park

Location: Montezuma, New York

Webpage: County Park

General Description: The Montezuma Heritage Park consists of over 165 acres of parkland acquired by the Town of Montezuma in the 1960’s to be preserved and protected. It holds many significant natural and historic resource sites along the Seneca River/Erie Canal that tell the story of New York State’s Canal System from 1820 to today. The end of the trail is the Richmond Aqueduct which is the second longest aqueduct on the enlarged Erie Canal system.



1) The trail from the parking lot in Montezuma to the Richmond Aqueduct is along the tow path alongside of the enlarged Erie Canal.  There is no water in this part of the canal, but the tow path is well maintained.

2) The Richmond Aqueduct is the second longest aqueduct along the enlarged Erie Canal consisting of over 30 spans.  Most of these spans are now gone since the Seneca River, which the aqueduct crossed, is today the Barge Canal.  The remaining spans are still well worth visiting.

3) The berm on the other side of the canal is also maintained as a hiking trail along the power line right-of-way.  About half-way back to the parking lot are the remains of a pulp mill that was operating during the time of the Erie Canal.  They made pulp for paper from milkweed.