Chimney Bluffs State Park

Location: Wolcott, New York

Webpage: New York State Park

General Description: Along the shore of Lake Ontario, Chimney Bluffs State Park is a beautiful spot for a picnic or hike along the Great Lake.  Sculpted by wind and water the unique set of eroded spires known as Chimney Bluffs has been a tourist attraction for decades.  Used as a landmark by the Iroquois Indians for thousand of years, it was also used as a landmark for Canadian smugglers during the Prohibition Era in the US.  Today there are a set of nature hikes that can be accessed from either the main parking area or the east parking area.



1) The main parking area for Chimney Bluffs State Park provides access to a nice picnic area on the shores of Lake Ontario.  It is also the trailhead for three trails.  From the lake shore at the parking area you can just barely see the chimney bluffs about a mile east along the shore.  To get a better view of the bluffs you must either park at the east parking lot or take a hike up the shoreline.


2) The Bluff trail travels east along the shoreline with a steep upgrade as you approach the bluff.  There are a number of vantage points along the trail to get changing views of the Chimney Bluffs, which are surprising sharp in profile.


3) Once at the top of the bluff you can either return back along the shore or turn into the woods to the East-West trial to make a loop of the hide of about 2 miles.