Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Location: Paradise, Michigan

Webpage: Michigan State Park

General Description: Tahquamenon Falls State Park (pronounced to rhyme with phenomenon) is Michigan’s second largest state park, coming in at 46,179 acres.  The state park follows the Tahquamenon River as it passes over a series of falls draining into Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior.  The Tahquamenon Falls consists of a 50 foot upper falls and 4 miles downstream a double set of cascades as the river splits around an island.  Although the upper falls is 200 feet across, the lower falls are often shallow enough for wading.



1) There are separate park entrances and parking lots for the upper and lower falls.  The Upper Falls has a paved walk along the rim of the gorge to multiple viewing platforms above the falls.  There is also a boardwalk along the base of the cliff to a viewing platform at the base of the falls.  There is also a gift store, outdoor grill, small restaurant and brewery.

2) While not as impressive a waterfall, the lower falls are more picturesque.  The initial viewing platform you can see the cascades coming around both sides of the island with a backdrop of trees.  The lower falls are also much more accessible with many people wading on the rocks.  Boats can be rented at the base of the cascades to row over to the island in the pool at the base of the falls or you can wade over through the river in between the cascades.  There is a long wooden boardwalk along the shore of the river up to the beginning of the lower falls.