Armfield Civic Center

Location: Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

Webpage: Disc Golf Course

General Description:  This 18 hole disc golf course is located along the hiking trails of the Armfield Civic Center behind the baseball fields.  The course is well marked and maintained by the Civic Center and consists of a good variety of short technical holes with tight trees and open, longer holes with wide fairways.  There are a few hills to climb, but most of the fairways are level.



1) This is one of the best disc golf courses I have ever played with a good variety of holes from short technical to long and wide open fairways.  The course is very well marked with small signs at each pin pointing to the next tee box.  Each hole has three locations for tees with at least the middle tee box consisting of a nice sandy tee.  The pins are all hanging baskets marked with orange at the top so you can easily see most of them from the tee box.


2)  There are a wide variety of holes on the course and at times it felt more like a miniature golf course.  The first set of holes are right a part of the hiking trails so you will need to be careful of hikers.

3) Some of the more interesting holes were hole 6 that has a tee box directly in front of a rocky shelf with the pin directly downhill surrounded by trees.  The trees are useful as it is very easy to seriously overshoot the pin without the branches to knock the disc down.  Or another hole where you have to clear rhododendron trees before climbing up the hill to the pine.

4) Contrast this with hole 16 which is a whooping 744 yards fairway down the powerline, with two hills to clear before you can even see the tee.  It is a par 5 hole at least.