Foscue Creek Park COE

Location: Demopolis, Alabama

Webpage: COE Campground

General Description: Foscue Creek Campground is located on the outskirts of Demopolis, Alabama on the banks of the Tombigbee River. It is a very well maintained campground that has the appearance of a city park rather than a Corps of Engineers Campground. Each campsite is spacious with a concrete pad, gravel area, picnic table, fire ring, barbeque pad, fish preparation table, and most with access to the creek along with a pole to tie your boat up to. Foscue is one of the few COE campgrounds with sewer hookup along with water and 50 amp electrical service. They even had free firewood piled within easy walking distance of all the sites, courtesy of a camphost with a log splitter and their efforts to clean the banks of the creek. Along with two extensive hiking trails, laundry facilities, easy access to Demopolis, and very friendly crew of volunteers, Foscue has every amenity needed for an enjoyable stay.



1) Our initial impression of Foscue was to question whether it was a city park or a COE campground. Our enjoyment of COE campgrounds have been their rustic nature, whereas, this campground was manicured with beautiful sites and bathhouse facilities, right down to the carved wooden figures adorning many of the stumps. Along with the extremely friendly volunteers, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Having a Walmart Superstore only 2 miles away was nice as well. Except for the sound of a train every day, it was easy to maintain the illusion that you were way out in the country.


2) The two bathrooms were cleaned daily, heated, and very modern. The laundry facilities consisted of a single washer and dryer, which made doing the laundry slow.


3) Providing easy access to free firewood was a plus we have not seen in any other campground, state, national, or private. It was a nice and unexpected benefit.

4) We took advantage of the hiking trails in the park, which included a short long loop in the picnic area, an extensive system of trails that make up the bottomland hardwood and lower pond trails. While the nature trail was less than a mile around, it was possible to combine some optional spurs and loops in the other two trail systems to get hikes between 2 and 3 miles. All of the trails are heavily maintained with gravel beds, wooden bridges, and even short wooden walkways around the wetter spots on the tails. They were all in excellent condition and cleared at least once a week.