Natural Bridge of Alabama

Location: Natural Bridge, Alabama

Webpage: Private Park

General Description: Natural Bridge of Alabama is the longest natural bridge east of the Rockies, spanning 148 feet long at a height of 60 feet above the limestone cave.   The bridge also has two short offshoots at both ends.



1) The Gift Shop at the parking lot is itself a quaint little building and serves as the gatekeeper for visitors to the Natural Bridge.  After paying the small entrance fee, visitors can take the walk of around 100 feet to the bridge.


2) The bridge is actually at the entrance to a shallow limestone cave, spanning over the entrance to the cave 60 feet above you.  The trail goes the interior of the cave so you can see the bridge from all sides.  While there is no established trail to the top of the bridge, you can obviously climb up to it as we saw a number of people sitting on the bridge.


3) The cave is also interesting with water dripping from the roof in a number of spots spawning many small stalactites and interesting “wave” patterns in the ceiling.

4) The environment around the cave is kept cool and moist in the summer as evidenced by the number of hemlocks growing near the cave.  There are also a number of cool weather ferns that grow there during the summer.


5) The path continues along the bluff where there are a number of additional shallow caves that can explored.  With a total length of around a mile, the trail circles back along the creek after giving a view of a small cascade that is pretty in the spring.

6) The site has obviously seen better days, with an old wishing well and fountains.  Overall the site will need a lot of work for the future owner, since the website makes it very obvious they are looking to sell it.