November 2015, Foley Alabama

On Sunday we traveled a short 90 miles to Rainbow Plantation which is near Foley and the Alabama Gulf coast.  We stayed here a year ago over Thanksgiving and our intention is to stay even longer this year for a couple of months at least.  This is the Escapee’s Park in Alabama which means it is over 3/4 full all winter with full timers like ourselves.  They have a number of activities scheduled throughout the week and we hope to take advantage of them while we are here.  However, our first order of business of to finish Christmas shopping.  We did sign up for Thanksgiving dinner on the upcoming Thursday and we very carefully made sure we were not on “line 1” for the table as Kal did not want to be the host as we were last year.  We waited all week for the guest on line 1 to drop by, which they never did.  So we decided to bring two dishes, scalloped corn and Stove Top dressing, to be sure we had at least these.


Thanksgiving dinner turned out just fine we some very nice couples at our table.  As it turned out, we had plenty to eat and a good variety.  Along with the turkey and gravy they supplies and the corn and dressing we brought, we also had a fruit salad, cranberries, potato casserole, and mincemeat pie for dessert.  We greatly enjoyed the meal and company.  While it may not be as nice as a big dinner with family, it was a lot better then spending it alone.

Saturday was the Iron Bowl on TV, as well as the final Clemson game and the Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Mississippi State.  Auburn played a good game against Alabama, but Alabama is just too good this year and Auburn still has a problem with its quarterback and passing game.  Auburn did keep it close, but they were simply outmatched in the fourth quarter.  Clemson did win it’s game against North Carolina in spectacular fashion and Ole Miss won the Egg Bowl, however, it did not change anything as Alabama had clenched the west by winning the Iron Bowl.  There was some good football.

The rest of the time we spent in the campgrounds doing some Christmas shopping on line and I began the process of cleaning and doing some maintenance on the RV.  The only notable repair was taking the truck into Pep Boys to get another new tire on the front.  Just like a year ago in Florida, the belts on the front tire was beginning to separate causing a noticeable shake in the truck.  They were able to get the tire and install it in one day, which was great and we should be good to go for a while.