October 2015 – Bristol, Tennessee

The trip from Wytheville, Virginia to Bristol, Tennessee was only about 1.5 hours long with most of it along I-81, so it was an easy travel day.  After driving by the Bristol Motor Speedway (which is HUGE) we arrived at Lakeview RV Park outside Bristol, in Bluff City, on the shores of Boone Lake.  It is obvious from the multiple flags and proximity to the speedway that their main business is during the spring and summer with the NASCAR events, however, in October, they are not very busy and the campground was only about 1/4 full and many of those were seasonal campers with nobody in residence.  Their other draw is fishing and boating on Boone Lake (hence the name for the park), however, they have drained Boone Lake by some 30 feet over a year ago in order to do some repairs on the dam and all the docks are sitting way above the current surface of the lake.  It made for a strange sight, but is hurting the RV Park.  It is also far enough from the Interstate that the snowbirds do not use it as a stopover in the fall, which meant the traffic in and out of the park was minimal, which was fine by us!!  The park is not designed to attract family camping during the summer which means there are not a lot of amenities such as playgrounds, etc.  Instead they have designed the park to make it easy for big rigs so there are not a lot of trees, the roads are wide enough for a three lane highway, and the sites are spacious.  Unfortunately, the sties are all back-in instead of pull through, but with the wide road it was easy to back the RV into our site. In fact, we had enough room and all afternoon, so I practiced a bit with the RV trying to move it over a few feet and angling it up so it exactly fit the angle of the site.   It was good practice and I was able to get it where I wanted it after three attempts.  I am getting better at this, but I still get very nervous when the site is tight.


On Tuesday we just stayed in the campground enjoying the cool fall weather.  I worked on this blog and Kal was able to watch a few old movies on TCM since we had extended cable at the park.

Wednesday was our daughter’s birthday and they were closing on a new house they bought in Asheville, North Carolina, so we loaded up in the truck and went to visit.  We also planned on spending the night in their new house so we took our air mattress and sleeping bags with us since we would be spending the night on the floor while they stayed in their condo in town.  Since they closed on the house in the morning, we did not arrive until after lunch, meeting them at the new Hi-Wire brewery in Asheville.  Back in the spring we saw their new location while still in the process of converting the building and installing equipment.  Since they opened the brewery over the summer, this was our chance to see it in full operation.  Chris took us ona tour of the facility and the level of automation was impressive, especially in comparison to the much smaller operation at their old location, which is still brewing their specialty and seasonal brews.  From this new facility they will be expanding distribution throughout North and South Carolina, with plans to expand into eastern Tennessee and eventually into Georgia and Alabama.

HiWireTastingRoom HiWireLab HiWireBrewing

After going out to a late lunch, Kal and I went with Nikki to H.H. Gregg to buy a number of big ticket items for the new house.  Since they are keeping their condo in downtown Asheville with plans to rent it as a B&B, they need all new furniture and furnishings for their new home, which makes it real easy to move since all the big furniture will be delivered.  This ended up taking a lot longer then we thought it would leaving us just enough time for Nikki to change for her weekly Kickball game.  You probably played Kickball yourself in your youth, I know I did, but it becomes a completely different game when played by highly competitive adults.  It was fun to watch, especially when the opposing team went ahead in the final inning to win the game.  We then got a late dinner since it was now after 9:00 and Kal and I got ready to sleep on the floor.  Chris and Nikki were kind enough to leave us their dog, Lucky, for the night, who promptly stacked out his place on the air mattress.  Thankfully, Lucky is a small dog so he did not take up much room and allowed us to join him in bed.  After getting settled he decided to get cozy and after blowing in my face waking me up, he promptly laid down across my stomach.  While I thought this was awfully nice, it was not the most comfortable way to sleep, which I guess Lucky agreed with because he moved off the bed to the corner we had made up for him for the rest of the night.


On Thursday we got more serious about getting them moved in and assisted them with putting IKEA chairs together for the porch, a standing shelf for the bathroom, and getting some pieces they had purchased previously and stored in their storage unit until the close.  In the afternoon, they delivered their new couch and we put together their king sized bed, which totally filled up the master bedroom. Their friend, Robert, was also helping out doing a number of odd jobs around the house, such as installing light fixtures and handles on the cabinets.  Their new bed gave us some problems figuring out how to put it together only to find out the slats were too long for the bed.  Robert and I took off a window screen so I could hand them out to him to be cut off and when we got to the last set of slats he decided to check their length.  Thank goodness he noticed they were 2 inches shorter then the others, a fact I know I would have missed, and after checking their length found that if he had cut them they would have been too short for the frame.  An amazing good catch, that from experience, I know I would have missed.  All of this kept us busy most of the day until around 5:00 when we left to head back to the campground in time to watch Auburn football on TV as they beat Kentucky in a close game that came down to the last quarter.


Friday was spent in the campground doing a whole lot of nothing all day. While we were gone, they delivered the mattress, washer and dryer, and outdoor grill to their new home.

Saturday was back to Asheville to give Nikki and Chris some more help with their house.  They had decided to “divide and conquer”, so after a quick lunch, Chris and I took off for Lowe’s and Nikki and Kal went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  We both had long lists of items to purchase ranging from shelving, paint, and light bulbs for us to bath mats and baskets for the women.  We then spent the afternoon installing wine racks, glazing the bathroom window, and other odds and ends until around 5:00 when it was time to break in their new outdoor grill.  Robert and his wife, along with a coworker with Nikki came by for dinner and we had a great steak dinner with all the fixings before having to say goodbye and leave for the day.  Once we got back to the RV it was time to unhook the water as we had the first freezing temperatures for the season the next two nights.

Kitchen ChrisAndBryna

Sunday was another day taking it easy around the campground in preparation for leaving on Monday to take to the RV to Tri-Am RV Center for it’s one year checkup.

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