September, 2015 – Binghamton, New York

At Arrowhead Marina and RV Park we were within a mile of Interstate 90, our GPS unit took us northwest out of the campgrounds before crossing the Mohawk River in order to skip the toll booth on the Interstate.  This meant we had about 15 miles until we met up with Interstate 88 of state roads.  We were no more than 5 miles on Route 5 when the engine light came on.  The truck seemed to be running fine and the last time this happened it was an out-of-date software on the emission control sensors, so we decided to push our luck and continue on.  When we got to within 3 miles of the Interstate we saw a sign for low clearance that was under 13 feet.  Our GPS unit is made for RVs and large trucks so it is suppose to choose routes to avoid clearances that are too low.  Upon checking the settings on the GPS I noticed it had all been reset, probably due to some update in the past and I was not sure the height setting was correct, but I was certain that anything below 13 feet could be a problem.  Not wanting to risk it, Kal took a hard right turn on a county road while I searched for an alternative.  The alternative only added a couple of miles on county roads, so we decided it was better than trying to go under the bridge.  Unfortunately, this county road went down and up a couple of very steep hills that had us worried with the engine light still on.  Obviously these hills caused the turbo to kick in and we noticed the truck was not making the loud noises when the turbo kicked in and although the truck did make it up the hills, it was all it could do to make it to the top of each hill.  This made us think the turbo was not working and was likely the reason for the engine light.  Once on the Interstate the truck performed well, even with stopping for over an hour for lunch at a rest stop.  We had to take a long lunch since the new campground, Beldin Hill Campground, would charge us extra for showing up before 2 in the afternoon and we had to leave Arrowhead before 11 with only a 2.5 hour drive.  In any case, we had no problems getting to Beldin Hill, even though the engine light remained on.  We set up the RV and proceeded into Binghamton to a Ford dealership.  Unlike everywhere else we have taken the truck to, the Ford service shop refused to do anything until the following week claiming to much work for their mechanic.  They would not even consider plugging in the computer to determine the error code claiming it would be a waste of $160!!  Seeing I was getting nowhere, I accepted a phone number for Ford Customer Service and called them to find another dealership.  They were not very helpful since I had trouble understanding the lady who seemed more interested in selling me a special deal for an oil change and tire rotation.  I actually had to refuse her twice.  She did contact another Ford dealership about 20 miles away for us only to find out it would again be next week before they could look at the truck.  She gave us the name and address for another dealership 40 miles away, but since she was obviously not wanting to deal with me any further, I just hung up totally disgusted.  By this point it was after 5, so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat and deal with the truck the next day.  We were only going to be in this campground for 3 nights which did not give us a lot of time to deal with the truck and with Labor Day Weekend coming up, extending our stay was out of the question as the campground was booked.  If only the truck would make it to William’s next week, we would have time to deal with it.  While we were driving to find a fast food restaurant, talking about what we were going to do, I noticed the engine light was no longer lit.  We ate dinner and drove back to the campground without the engine light coming on again.  Hoping this was a good sign we decided to minimize our traveling until we got to William.

Beldin Hill Campground is a very nice, medium sized campgrounds with pull-through sites and full hookups.  They have it well designed with 6 sites located right at the entrance for overnight guests, which meant there was very little traffic within the campground with people leaving and arriving.  Since we were staying multiple nights they put us in the middle of a meadow on a pull through site that was very easy to get in and out of.  The seasonal campers are located around the periphery, which meant they had all the shade, but I liked the arrangement.  We had an unobstructed view of the fishing pond and hills to the south.  Very nice.


With the problem with the truck we dropped all plans for going anywhere and spent the next two days in the campgrounds, except for a quick run to the store (again with no engine light coming on).  I worked on the blog and Kal read and watched TV and we just took it easy.  I certainly hope we don’t have any more problems with the truck.

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