Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Location: Washington D.C.

Webpage: Smithsonian Museum

General Description: The Smithsonian collection of historical artifacts is enormous, so the exhibits on display change every year giving a new experience every time you visit.  However, the separate wings and floors of the exhibits carry constant themes, although the artifacts on display will change.  On the first floor, the east wing features America on the Move, Food: Transforming the American Table, Lighting a Revolution – Electricity Hall, On the Water: Stories from Maritime America, Power Machinery, and Stories on Money.  The second floor east wing features A Room of Her Own: An Altar for My Mother, Hear My Voice: Alexander Graham Bell and the Origins of Recorded Sound, American Stories, The Doll’s House, and Through the African-American Lens.  The west wing on the second floor features Within These Walls and the center features the Star Spangled Banner.  The center of the third floor features The First Ladies while the east wing features The Gunboat Philadelphia, The Price of Freedom: Americans At War and The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden.



1) The National Museum of American History is housed in a nondescript building that is impressive only for its size.  There are some nice sculptures in front of the building that are worth checking out.


2) The exhibits in the museum are each enormous and would take hours to look through each one.  Unfortunately we only had the afternoon, so we had to quickly look at the highlights and what caught our eye.  Here are some of my memories:

John Bull Locomotive


Collection of coins and paper money throughout our history

Early sound recordings by Alexander Graham Bell

Numerous ship models from our Maritime History

Original American Flag that flew over Fort McKinley during War of 1812

First Ladies Gowns and Accessories

Gunboat Philadelphia


Memorabilia from all the US Presidents while they were in office

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