Paradise Stables

Location:  West Yarmouth, Maryland

Webpage: Private Stable

General Information: Paradise Stables is a premier boarding stable located in rural Maryland west of Baltimore.  The offer a full range of services, including boarding, horse training, riding lessons, and buying a horse.  With 125 acres of prime pasture, 10 miles of woods and fields, spacious stables, and indoor training facilities, Paradise Stables has anything you need to care for your horse.


1) While I am not an expert in house stables, my first impression of Paradise Stables was great!!  I don’t believe this has anything to do with the fact my daughter-in-law is the barn manager at Paradise, but it certainly is a big step up from the horse rescue she worked at before.


2) The stables are large and spacious with all the amenities you could want for your horse.  The tack room is organized and kept clean at all times, as well as, the individual stables.

Stalls Tackroom

3) The indoor training facility must be a big draw for the boarders as it provides year round access.

4) The outdoor fields are spacious and large with lots of green grass.  Again, I am not an expert, but I believe this would be important for a horse.  Unlike other stables I have seen where the pastures are over grazed and mostly dirt.

DryPasture GreenPasture

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