Fort Point State Park

Location: Stockton Springs, Maine

Webpage: Maine State Park

General Description: Fort Point State Park is a 120 acre park that is the location of the Fort Pownall Memorial.  Fort Pownall was built in 1759, during the French and Indian Wars to protect the Penobscot River from the French.  It saw no action during the war and was burned by the English in 1775 in the beginning of the Revolutionary War.  The strategic location at the mouth of the river was also used for the Fort Point Light Station which still operates today by the US Coast Guard.  in 1872 the Fort Point Hotel was built to attract wealthy Bostonians with luxury accommodations, of which some of the foundations can be seen following the fire in 1898.  Today there are a number of picnic tables scattered around the 1 mile shoreline looking out into Penobscot River and Penobscot Bay.



1) This is a very small state park, mostly for picnicking.  There are a lot of very nice spots with views of the shoreline to eat a meal under the shade of the trees.


2) They have excavated the ruins of Fort Pownall, so it is easy to see the outline of the walls and moats along with the foundations of the blockhouse.


3) Since the Light Station is still in operation, visitors are restricted, however you can take a look at the bell tower that was used during foggy conditions.  Today an electric horn is used.  The bell tower was interesting since the bell was located at ground level instead of at the top of the small tower.  The tower housed a weight that automated the striking of the bell every 20 seconds.  The weight would have to be raised back to the top of the tower every 4 hours.


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