Miccosukee Resort and Gaming

Location: Miami, Florida

Webpage: Casino

General Description: The Miccosukee Tribe operates a hotel and casino to the west of Miami along the Tamiami Trail (US 41) that offers all the basic ingredients for a great gaming experience.  Included are the traditional card games and slot machines along with a sandwich grill and small restaurant.


1) A medium size casino, the Miccosukee Resort and Gaming is a great way to spend a wet and stormy day in south Florida.  Our interests are for the penny slot machines that cost no more than $.40 to play and give us a reasonable chance to play a couple of hours on less than $50.

2) We had lunch in the sandwich grill.  The food was okay, but nothing to get to excited about.  The Cuban sandwich was chocked full of meat, but was a bit strange since the it was obviously heated up, but the interior meat was still cold.  We should have split a sandwich, since we each brought back half of it.  It made for a good meal later in the week.

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