Brighton Seminole Casino

Location: Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation, Florida

Webpage: Casino

General Description: The casino on the Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation is located just west of the northwest corner of Lake Ogeechobee.  The casino is relatively small with mostly slot machines.  There is a poker room and small restaurant for those that want to take a break from the gaming.



1) While relatively small in comparison to other casinos on Indian Reservations, the Brighton Casino had all look for in a casino.  We spend our time with penny slot machines anyway.  While not high rollers, we do enjoy stretching our money to get a couple hours of gaming for less than $100.

2) It was surprising how busy the casino was on a Wednesday around lunch time when the casino does not have any hotels close by.  However, I suppose you should not be too surprised taking into account the number of snowbirds there are camping in the area in January.

3) The restaurant was not fancy, even though they had a complete menu.  The food was okay, but reasonable in price.

4) We enjoyed our time in the casino and would return in the future.

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