M RV Resort January 2015

Location: Moore Haven, Florida

Webpage: RV Resort

General Description: M RV Resort is located on US Highway 27, north of Moore Haven Florida, near the western shore of Lake Ogeechobee.  The resort is surrounded by orange groves, cattle ranches, and very little else.  This creates a relaxing atmosphere in the warm and sunny winters in South Florida.  The Resort has a nice clubhouse with bathroom/showers, a central room for activities, a pool room, and outside swimming pool, shuffleboard courts and Patanqui courts.  Most of the sites are back-in with ample room for big rigs.  Over half of the sites have concrete patios and they all have full hookups.  Especially with club discounts, the rental rates are very reasonable.



1) We immediately fell in love with this Resort.  It is WAY out in the country and except for the noise of a relatively busy US Highway, you can hear the cows talking to each other.  Nearly all of the campers are snow birds from Canada and either the mid-west or northeast US.  We found them to be exceptionally friendly creating a small community atmosphere.  There were activities most days in or outside the clubhouse which added a lot to the experience.


2) The bathrooms are modern and kept clean every day.  They certainly met our needs.


3) My wife enjoyed participating in a game of Patanque with the French Canadian campers who even loaned her a set of balls.

4) With our difficulty in finding affordable resorts in Florida during the winter, especially along the east coast, M RV Resort was a welcome change.  While we were there in late January, the resort was only about 75% full.  The only difficulty we had was backing the RV into our site.  The sites are not much larger than room for the RV and a concrete pad and the sites were not angled.  Especially since I am not very experienced with backing the RV yet, it took multiple attempts to get the rig into the site.  However, once we were located we had enough room.

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