International RV Park January 2015

Location: Daytona Beach, Florida

Webpage: RV Park

General Description: With over 350 sites, International RV Park has all the amenities for all styles of RV owners.  All sites have full hookups and range from simple back-in sites, some with frontage on the pond, to deluxe pull-through sites.  Amenities included a swimming pool, laundry facilities, bathroom/showers, convenience store, clubhouse with numerous activities, and propane.



1) The staff are extremely friendly and helpful with a laid back attitude.  When we had a problem with our hot water heater, they assisted us in finding a fellow camper knowledgeable with RVs that located the source of the problem.  We had visitors that stayed with us a couple of nights and they were no problem at all, even though the literature warns against unregistered visitors.

2) January is a busy month for the RV Park with numerous snow birds from Canada and the mid-west.  Consequently the park is nearly full at all times and most of the pull-through sites are doubled-up.  We stayed backed into another RV in a pull-through site.  Although there is not much room between some of the sites, other sites had room for concrete patios and picnic tables.

3) The bathrooms were modern and kept clean at all times.

4) The clubhouse is used for a number of activities ranging from game nights, exercise classes, and line dancing.  The first night we stayed they were having a luau party in the clubhouse.  We received free tickets to attend with free drinks, food, and entertainment.  It was a great opportunity to get to know some new people from Canada and Iowa.

5) Except for the number of RVs packed in like sardines, we found the RV park to be very friendly, accommodating, and welcoming.  Since we shared a site with another RV the cost was very reasonable averaging only $17 a night for 9 nights.


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