Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Location: Milford, Pennsylvania

Webpage: National Park

General Description: The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a protected area encompassing 70,000 acres along the middle section of the Delaware River between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Established in 1978 from land condemned by the Corps of Engineers, it scuttled plans to build hydroelectric dams which would have created a 37 mile lake after flooding the valley.  This plan was scuttled after substantial resistance from environmentalist groups and local residents.  The recreation area provides access to the Delaware River for canoeing and fishing and areas for camping, hiking, cross country skiing, horseback riding, and picnicking.



1) The are two Visitor Centers, the Dingman Falls Visitor Center near Milford, Pennsylvania and the Millbrook Village Visitor Center near Millbrook, New Jersey.  We only visited the Dingman Falls Visitor Center as the bridge over to New Jersey is a toll bridge.  The Dingman Falls Visitor Center is a pretty structure close to Dingman Falls and contains only a small souvenir shop and desk.


2) The walk up to Dingman Falls is a nice easy 1/4 mile walk on a boardwalk along the stream. Along the way you see an the Silverthread Falls which is very pretty and unique.  The cut the water has made through the rock a nearly linear and straight cut that does not look natural at all.  We took advantage of a Ranger walk up to the falls, which was somewhat of a disappointment.  While his memorized information might have been useful to the other visitors, I did not learn anything new about the hemlock forests or the history of the area.  When we asked questions, he thought they were all interesting but did not have any answers.

RangerGuide SilverThreadFalls

3) Dingman Falls is a nice 80 high waterfall that is very picturesque.  There is also a set of stairs that climb up to the top of the falls where you can see a series of cascades leading up to the falls as well as the top of the main falls.  Well worth the climb but be ready for just over 200 steps.

DingmanFalls1 Cascades

4) The drive along the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania side is very scenic with multiple places you can access trails, boat access to the river, and the campgrounds.

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