Oxford Casino

Location: Oxford, Maine

Webpage: Casino

General Description: With a full set of table games from blackjack to Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Craps, Roulette, and 850 slot machines with denominations from $0.1 to $25, Oxford Casino has all a recreational gamer could want.  Oxford Casino is open 24/7 with a Grill & Bar for the player’s convenience.  Conveniently located near downtown Portland, Oregon.


1) This is the only non-smoking casino we have been to.  Especially since they provided a shielded area outside that protected smokers from the wind and rain, it gave us an excuse to take a break from the slot machines.

2) There is no hotel at the casino, which was not a problem for us and it is located outside of Portland which cut down the traffic congestion.

3) The inside of the casino was nicely done without a lot of loud noises.

4) In particular we appreciated having a number of true penny slot machines that you could play for $0.25 or less instead of penny slots that require a minimum of $0.40 or $0.50 to play.

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