Big Bear Family Campground April 2015

Location: Windsor, Virginia

Webpage: RV Park

General Description: Located 10 miles north of US 460 near Windsor, Virginia, the Big Bear Family Campground combines the rustic forest environment of southeast Virginia with the modern conveniences of an RV Campground.  Most of the sites have full hookups available with either 30 or 50 amp electrical hookups.  There is a single centrally located bathroom/shower facility that also houses laundry facilities.  With a swimming pool and small camp store (including propane fillup) you have everything you need without any highway noise or traffic congestion.



1) Big Bear Family Campground is far enough off of any major highway that we got concerned that we would end up in a situation of having to turn our fifth wheel around.  However, the roads are all paved into the campgrounds even though they get very narrow with no shoulders.

2) Our first impression of the campgrounds was not very good, as it is an old campground with a lot of permanent units that are showing the ravages of time.  However, we were shown to a nice 50 amp pull through site that was very nice.  We were at the end of the row of their 50 amp area which meant that we had a view of their old storage area (ie trash dump for old vehicles) that was not the most pleasant view, but better then being right up against another RV.

3) The camp store is not very well stocked as I suspect the full time residents of the park do not shop there.  The owners of the park were very nice giving us our choice of spaces that were available.

4) The bathroom facilities were old, yet clean.  They are also heated, which was nice since we had some cold nights the first week of April.

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