Fairhope Municipal Park

Location: Fairhope, Alabama

Webpage: Disc Golf Course

General Description: Along with swimming pool, recreation facilities, baseball parks, dog park, and football stadium, Fairhope Municipal Park offers a 20 hole disc golf course situated around the other facilities.  All fairways are relatively short with the longest just over 400 feet, the course is mostly level and sandy.  It can be a difficult course with many of the fairways being heavily wooded and baskets are hidden behind trees.  Total course length is just over 1 mile.



1) All the teeboxes are concrete pads for the longer distances.  Shorter distances are marked with two ground markers.  The course is old and needs some maintenance as many of the posts giving distances and fairway information are unreadable.

2) The first five fairways are in the open around the baseball fields, however beginning with number 6 you are in heavy woods with lots of trees and very narrow fairways.  Once you come out of the woods on fairway 14, you are at the edge of the dog park and the fairway is across the parking lot.  The rest of the fairways are in the open, ending with fairway 17 which is next to the stadium.  You then have a long walk back to the other side of the stadium to fairway 18-20, however fairway 19 seems to be missing.