Peaks-Kenny State Park

Location: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Webpage: Maine State Park

General Description: Located on the shore of Sebec Lake, Peaks-Kenny State Park offers day visitors and campers a peaceful, wooded environment in the Central Maine Highlands.  The park is 839 acres with more than a mile of shoreline along the lake, a large picnic area with a sandy beach for swimming.  The park also provides 10 miles of gentle hiking trails in the mature birch forests and spruce-hemlock forests on the ridges.



1) The view from the parking lot across Sebec Lake towards Borestone Mountain looks like a postcard, especially on a cloudy day with the peak of Borestone Mountain in the clouds.


2) The hiking trails are classified as “easy”, but there is a 250 foot climb up to the top of the ridge on the Birch Mountain Trail that is about 2 miles in length.  The climb is not strenuous, but is a continuous climb until you reach the top.  The descent is much more gentle as you continue back down to the shores of the lake.  At the beginning and near the end of the trail you travel along a babbling mountain brook that is very pleasant.

PaperBirch FootBridge

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