Ecotat Gardens and Arboretum

Location: Hermon, Maine

Webpage: Private Garden

General Description: Over 91 acres, the Ecotat Gardens and Arboretum consists of 55 gardens containing 280 varieties of trees and over 1500 varieties of perennials.  The tended gardens are each small areas with labels of the plants featured in each garden.  Over half of the area is a natural forest with multiple trails and labels of the trees and shrubs.



1) The previous owner of Ecostat Gardens passed away a few years ago allowing the gardens to become overgrown and the forest trails to become impassable with blowdowns and debris.  A small group of volunteers have now taken on the task of revitalizing the gardens and clearing the forest trails.  So far, they have completed work on about half of the small garden areas which are now very nice to wander through.  Unfortunately, they are still working on the labels which all must be replaced, so while the small gardens are pretty you won’t learn very much about what you are looking at.


2) The forest trails have been cleared and are well marked, however, once again most of the labels on the trees still need to be replaced.  Still it was a nice short hike down to the springs and back.


3) When we visited there were two volunteers working on the gardens and it was obvious they were hoping we were there to help us well.  It took only about an hour to hike the main trail and wander the gardens.  Since there is no charge, it is worth visiting.

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