Wabanaki Culture Center

Location: Calais, Maine

Webpage: Museum

General Description: Located in the heart of the historical land of the Wabanaki Native American culture.  This museum includes exhibits about this ancient culture and traditions, along with, current efforts to preserve their culture.


1) The building also holds the Maine Visitor Center where we got a lot of great information about site we will want to visit while in the area.


2) The museum includes exhibits about the history of ship building and the lumber industry in the 1800s, in addition to the exhibits about the Wabanaki Native Americans.

3) The Wabanaki exhibits are well done with life size figures and a wigwam made of poles and birch bark.  They even have a recently made birch bark canoe along with a video about how the artist made it.

4) There is an exhibit giving information about the efforts being made by the Wabanaki Council and the State of Maine to preserve the Wabanaki culture. I was interested to see that Maine requires a curriculum in the Wabanaki culture for all grade school children.

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