Reversing Falls Park

Location: Pembroke, Maine

Webpage: Local Park

General Description: Cobscook Bay has a tide of over 25 feet twice a day and the rocks just off shore along with the narrow channel between the shore and Falls Island, creates a rapid that reverses it’s flow due to the incoming or outgoing tide.  The rocks and an island that blocks much of the flow creates some impressive whirlpools that travel with the current, often multiple whirlpools in a line.


1) We were there at mid-tide and the water was still flowing out of the bay.  The rapids would likely be more impressive nearer to low tide, however, it was still an unusual sight.  It looks just like rapids in the center of a raging river, which you don’t generally find in a tidal bay.


2) The large rock out in the middle of the current creates multiple whirlpools as the water is redirected around the rock.  These whirlpools can persist for quite a while as they travel with the current and often there are multiple ones lined up in a row.

RockyIsland Whirlpools

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