Toqua Campground – August 2014

Location: Vonore, Tennessee

Webpage: RV Park

General Description: On the shores of Tellico Lake in Eastern Tennessee, Toqua Campground is an RV park for any size rig with full hookups.   The campground has a beautiful view of the lake with the Smoky Mountains in the background.  The individual sites are gravel with about 15-20 feet between pads.  The campsite also has two modern and clean bathroom facilities and easy access boat ramps to the lake.  The entrance is gated requiring a key card to enter, which is locked down at 11 every night.  Nearly two-thirds of the sites are occupied by seasonal campers who either live at the lake during the summer and fall or use their campers on the weekends for boating and fishing.


1) The campground is very quiet during the week even though there are a few seasonal campers that stay during the entire season from spring to fall.  They still own houses in the area and will stay there one or two nights a week, or whenever there is severe weather.  They were very nice to visit with and gave us some good hints on living in an RV.

2) The staff were nice and helpful, without bothering the campers.  Although the campground has a number of pull-through sites, they were all occupied by seasonal campers.  Therefore, there were none available.  However, the staff contacted a seasonal camper next to our site who was more than happy to help me back the RV.  With his assistance I was able to park RV in a single try.

3) The weekends were quite busy with the campgrounds getting over 90% full with a lot of families.  Even so, it was never noisy and we hardly noticed they were there except for the increase in traffic around the circle.

4) The bathrooms were kept very clean and had modern facilities.  Even though there were only two facilities in the entire campground, each with two bathrooms w/showers, this was adequate since nearly all of the campers had rigs with bathrooms.  It only became an issue on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

5) The campground is fairly new which is both good and bad.  The hookups were all in good shape, however, the trees were all about 8-10 feet tall which means there is no shade.

Lakeview Sunrise

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