Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center

Location: Midway, Georgia

Webpage: City Park

General Description: Explore the habitat changes from a maritime forest through a fresh water swamp to a brackish swamp at Cay Creek.  The Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center is located just a mile from I-95 south of Savannah and is owned and maintained by the city of Midway, Georgia.  Free to the public, the Center is the home to many birds, reptiles, mammals, and plants that live along the transitions from upland to bottomland forests.  The Center is wheel chair accessible with a wooden boardwalk over the wetlands that winds through a fresh water swamp that changes into a brackish swamp along Cay Creek that is close enough to the Atlantic to be affected by the tides.  The boardwalk has an overlook the extends into Cay Creek and a 15 foot tower to get visitors into the tree canopy along with many interpretive signs about the plants and animals that can be found in each of the habitats.



1) This is a very well maintained city park on the outskirts of Midway that is close enough to the Interstate to provide a good break for an hour or so.  The boardwalk winds through the freshwater and brackish swamps and provides many opportunities to enjoy nature without having to slog through the water.


2) The tower is a nice addition to the boardwalk.  At 15 feet it is high enough to get into the tree canopies and see over much of the swamp.  It is amazing how many more birds you can see with a little elevation.


3) Especially since it is free, it is well worth the money and time to visit.  We enjoyed about an hour and a half taking in the wetlands and talking with a local couple that were walking their dog.  I would recommend it, especially in the fall when the temperatures are moderate and the insects are few.

Wetlands Seeds

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