Wind Creek Casino Atmore

Location: Atmore, Alabama

Webpage: Casino

General Description: With over 17,000 games on the 50,000 square foot floor, gamers will find multiple opportunities to enjoy a pleasant afternoon and evening.  Wind Creek Casino is conveniently located just off of I-65 at Atmore, Alabama.  In addition to the casino, there is a world class hotel and conference center and parking areas for trucks and sites for RV motorhomes or fifth wheels.   There is also the Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve with RV hookups located six miles from the casino.



1) The casino is large with a wide selection of slot machines to choose from.  The environment is friendly without the noise that a lot of casinos have.  Especially in the morning during the week, there was not any problem finding slot machines to play, although by 3 on a Friday afternoon, it was getting busy.

2) We had lunch in the grill within the casino, which was convenient.  The food was okay and not overpriced, so it was worth not leaving the casino for one of the fast food restaurants in the immediate area.

3) There are parking areas for RVs for overnight parking, although they had no hookups.

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