Graham Creek Nature Preserve

Location: Foley, Alabama

Webpage: City Park

General Description: Graham Creek Nature Preserve is a 500 acre park owned by the City of Foley and includes a number of recreational opportunities.  Included are two hiking trails, a fitness trail, picnic pavilion, playground, archery range, and disc golf course.



1) The entire park is relatively new with multiple areas for public education as well as the recreational facilities.  The playground equipment is new an extensive.


2) The disc golf course is a full 18 holes with well marked tees and pins.  There are two sets of tees for each hole, both new concrete pads.  Overall the course is flat with scattered trees.  Some holes are in the open, but most have trees along the fairway especially at the pins which are often behind or surrounded by medium sized trees.  Notable holes are 13 which is over 600 feet and hole 15 where the basket is hanging from the branches of a live oak tree.  Thankfully, the wind was not blowing, as this would have increased the challenge.


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