Inverness Nature Park and Trails

Location: Hoover, Alabama

Website: Disc Golf Course

General Description: Inverness Nature Park and Trails has a relatively new disc golf course (2012) located in the rolling hills of north central Alabama.  The course consists of 18 holes that wind up and down the hills and through the natural woods of mature hardwoods and pine trees.  Each hole consists of two tees for beginners and professionals.  The trees and hills make the course a challenge for every level.  There are some intermittent streams winding through the course that add to the challenge of some of the holes.  Tees are all concrete pads and the cages are well marked with flags in the air above those that are hidden.


1) This is a beautiful course set in the woods of northern Alabama.  I especially enjoyed the holes that crossed over a ravine with a good throw.  Most of the fairways are narrow with trees and heavy underbrush on either side.  Combined with obvious trials and good signage, navigating the new course was very easy.

DiscBasket DiscFairway DiscTee

2) We played the course with young players that were inexperienced with throwing a disc and although we had fun, the trees and hills meant they were constantly searching for discs and climbing through the underbrush as they had to work their way up and down the hills.  We enjoyed ourselves, even though it took over 3 hours to play just 10 holes.

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