Retirement Plans

When my wife, Kal, and I talked about my retirement, the subject was always what I wanted to do.  This is a discussion many of you have or will have about retirement and it is very important.  I don’t really have any hobbies and now that the kids have all grown and moved out, I could not envision what we would do.  We both enjoyed the trips we have had with the kids over the years and especially the time we spent tent camping.  We both thought we would like to travel and I have always had a desire to visit all of our National Parks.  Not wanting to sleep on the ground in a tent, we both thought that we would purchase a motor home and see the world, or at least as much as you can from a motor home.  However, maintaining a house was going to make it financially difficult to do much traveling.  After reading a lot about the full-time RV lifestyle from people that have been living it for many years, we decided it was going to be our best opportunity.

Since there was considerable interest from my co-workers at Auburn University, in fact, the most common comment was how they wished they could do it upon retirement.   I always wondered whether this sentiment was a real desire on their part or whether they did not want to discourage us from following an idea that would scare them to death.  In any case, they convinced me that they would like to live vicariously through our “adventures on the road”, so I promised to maintain a blog for their enjoyment.

Therefore, I will attempt to maintain an up-to-date travel log of our experiences using the blog posts to capture our daily adventures.  I will also provide some pages that can be accessed to the left (if I can figure out how to do it) with more details, pictures, and links for those that are interested.  I hope you enjoy this and will provide us with much needed encouragement along the way.

For instance there should be a page that you can access from the left column about our experiences with preparing the house for sale and why we are currently on our “Plan B”.